Actually I Am An Idealist Champion

Saturday, December 20th, 2003 | Uncategorized

Should have read on. I’m actually an ENFP, an idealist-champion. Funny, back in college, I was an INFP, guess I’ve opened up since then :)

These totally describe me, and it turns out I have the perfect job here at default.ThoughtWorks.

Your Ideal Job:

  • Provides opportunity for conversations with people with whom you can brainstorm and share ideas.
  • Allows and encourages you to innovate, giving you room to experiment.
  • Exposes you to new ideas and experiences.
  • Lets you combine people, ideas, products, and services in new and unusual ways.
  • Provides a lot of variety.
  • Takes place in an expressive, harmonious environment.
  • You are an “eternal optimist.”

Things you’re good at:

  • Because you are slow to dismiss “inappropriate” notions, you often arrive at the kinds of brilliant solutions that seem obvious once they are implemented.
  • Your taste for adventure means that your “out of the box thinking” doesn’t come from thin air; you draw on an unusually broad diversity of experiences and observations.
  • You can be as supportive and as protective of other people’s wild ideas as you are of your own and help to keep your workplace from stagnating.
  • You may find that you are often the only person willing to say something that desperately needs saying.
  • You are very articulate and use that gift to dispel conflict that arises from misunderstanding.
  • You can often talk your way into or out of situations.
  • You think well on your feet.

Things to be aware of:

  • Your enthusiasm may seem overly intense to some people in some situations.
  • Your pursuit of novelty means you sometimes move on before you harvest the fruit of your own ideas.
  • You may unrealistically expect other people to be as excited about your projects or goals as you are.
  • You may have a tendency to “stir things up just to see what comes out of it” without considering the consequences.
  • You have great difficulty making choices; you may be seen as a dilettante.
  • Nonconformity may mean that you underachieve or are a late bloomer to success.
  • Your dislike of repetition can lead to your being less than conscientious.

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