Hangin Out With Michelle In Raleigh

Monday, February 9th, 2004 | Uncategorized

Hanging out in Raleigh w/ my bud Michelle and went to a Paul and Sharon workshop. Way cool, did some of the southern things – ate at Bojangles, drank sweet tea, and ate grits. Also met a bunch of hot southern girls, showed them some blues dancing…



  • winning the trust of Benjamin, Michelle’s 6 year old nephew – and conspiring with him to tickle his aunt, Michelle
  • walking out of the Bear Rock Cafe w/ Michelle’s arm in mine, right in the middle of an entire weekend of talking, and hanging out, and really becoming good friends
  • hanging out with Holly and Michelle in a diner after everything was all done, not wanting it to be over
  • the moment after a blues dance with Lindsey at the afterhours where neither of us moved, or breathed, for a good half minute because neither of us were able to – no quips, no thanks, just desperately holding on to eachother lest the dance we just had end
  • flirting w/ Holly during the masterclass we were in, making her laugh at something stupid I said

Things I learned (or was reminded of) at the workshop :

  • give my follow plenty of space – I need to lead momentum and direction, not necessarily moves
  • slow it down – but push it when the song does
  • where to put my hand on a girl’s back and how to hold my arm

1 Comment to Hangin Out With Michelle In Raleigh

joe clark
February 9, 2004

my god man, you are a Mack with a capital M. so, how many girl friends do you have exactly?

please don’t misunderstand: i am definitely not criticizing! fight on!


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