Basie Centennial

Sunday, October 10th, 2004 | Uncategorized

So I’m in New York this weekend. It is strange. I know this town, I love this town.

I see so many of my friends around me here, and I am struck that perhaps I HAVE made a difference in this world. In 9 months here, I touched lives, I think, and made friends. I cannot tell you how moved I was to see this site New York now has blues, and I helped that along, in a way that people appreciate.

The people here… Steve Watkins, Devona Cartier, Ellie Thomas, Sonya Kranwinkel, there are so many more. I love them, they are my friends, they made the time I spent here one of the best times of my life.

And now.

So much has changed, so much is the same. But looking at what’s left 6 months after I left, I think I’m on the right track. I need to keep doing, and searching for more of what I did and searched for here in New York.

People keep asking me how I’ve changed since South America.

I’m a bit more laid back, patient, and more balanced. I’m a bit sadder, honestly, and I’m not sure why. My dream of going and finding my “big dream” is mostly gone. I don’t think it works that way. I think it works much more the way New York worked last year. Know what you believe. Know what matters to you, and live that. The “big dreams” that need you will find you. The little dreams will do the same. Greatness is not what I once thought it was.

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John Perkins
October 10, 2004

Christopher Alexander describing “the quality without a name” in his book, The Timeless Way of Building…

The quality which has no name includes these simpler sweeter qualities. But it is so ordinary as well, that it somehow reminds us of the passing of our life.


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