I Want A Wife

Saturday, October 30th, 2004 | Uncategorized

I want a wife.

I’m ready. I have spent a lot of time not being ready. Of messing around and playing. Of experimenting and looking. Of just plain being young and irresponsible. And it was good.

But I’m ready.

I want someone who will laugh at my jokes, even as she groans. Who wants for my touch, and understands it. Who challenges me, and tells me when I’m full of shit. I want someone to be there when I fly. I want someone to be there when I grieve. Someone that will embarrass the kids by dancing in the freezer section of a safeway. I want someone who radiates joy. and pain. Someone honest, and passionate, and authentic. Who knows me. Who knows me better forty years from now.

I’m ready.

It’s funny the way life works. Four years ago I met someone four years older than me who wanted a husband. And I didn’t understand. She said she had played enough, she wanted something more. And I didn’t understand. I found her, but she didn’t find him, in me. She would find him later. Good for her.

Now I understand.

And I am ready too.

5 Comments to I Want A Wife

October 30, 2004

yeah, me too. kinda. no, i guess not really. but it sounds good in theory.

jon eaves
October 30, 2004

Good luck. I found mine. She’s the best.

Karissa Kae
October 30, 2004

Wow, that’s really beautiful. October is looking better everyday. _wink_
just teasing.

Jefferson Jimenez
October 30, 2004

Hey this essay I found it while I was doing a research on “Why I want a wife.”

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About Your “I want a wife”

I don’t know when did you wrote it, so i don’t if you are married or what???

Anyway, luck in your search for a wife.


October 30, 2004

Jeremy, this is so touching! Did you write it long ago? I love the dancing in the safeway idea… ; )


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