Its Somehow Fitting

Saturday, October 30th, 2004 | Uncategorized

in two days it will have been exactly four years ago.

i had a date with a beautiful girl. new balance 997.5 a wonderful girl. new balance 999 we were supposed to go hiking. but my shoes were falling apart, and i really wanted to impress her, so i bought new ones. basket nike they made me late, but she didn’t seem to mind.


i was wearing those shoes when during that same date i hit my head and she took me to the hospital to get stitches

i wore those shoes on my next date with her, and the next

i wore them when i asked her to come to london with me. nike air huarache pas cher and i wore them when we got there

i wore them when i taught salsa with her, and when i took her to barcelona. ugg shoe sale outlet when i saw paris with her and her parents. adidas adipure and i wore them when i took her picture against the temple of poseidon on the cape of sounio

i was even wearing them when i made the hardest decision of my life

i was wearing them when sent her back to the california. Adidas ZX i was wearing them when i said goodbye

and i was wearing them when i met her fiance. i was wearing them when i decided that she was so important to me that i actually wanted to be there when she married someone else


and now they are spent

they’ve had a good life and they’ve seen me through so much of mine

in a life as nomadic as mine, they are all i have left of what may have been the love of my life. kyrie irving and as i leave them medellin, alone, and replaced, two days from their fourth birthday.

2 Comments to Its Somehow Fitting

Toby Atencio
June 30, 2004

you are loved, bro.

cousin daniel
June 30, 2004

In reply to the caption “This is the best picture I have ever taken. Isn’t she beautiful?”: Yes, she is. And her beauty radiates forever here for us, for you, for her, because you saw it.


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