It’s a Saturn!!!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005 | Uncategorized

It’s official, I was just signed over the title for my first car in 4 years – a ‘96 Saturn SC2. This one’s white, not yellow, and mine not leased.

It’s first mission will be to take me to Austin tomorrow morning. Hopefully I’ve learned something in all my failed attempts at buying cars and this one will prove a good buy. I did get a good mechanic to do a pretty thorough inspection of it, and he gave it the thumbs up.

It’s definitely fun to drive :) Of course, it’s a manual, and the shifting is wonderful, actually nicer than any of the 94-99 celicas I test drove. For a 4-cylinder it has a ton of power, and I’m starting to remember what I liked about driving.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.