Back from Europe

Saturday, August 20th, 2005 | Uncategorized

I got back from europe last Friday night. And more than ever I am feeling like I need some kind of calendar to keep track of my life and my travels. Anyway, for lack of that :
New York——I stopped in Manhattan on Friday night on my way back. Had dinner with Gabo and Hafiz. Caught up. I love those guys.

So many of my friends in New York have moved away or don’t live in the city anymore. Instead of spending Saturday in New York, I ended up going to Newark after going out and catching an early flight back to Seattle Saturday morning.
Seattle——It was so good to be back to as close a home as I have in the world right now. Funny though, when I finally got into my apartment, Jay was asleep in my bed… Turns out I’d told him he could crash along with a bunch of Portland people that weekend for a Seattle Tango Festival.

…which, was SO much fun. I’d done a lot of swing, but not much tango in Europe, and was missing it. I feel like my tango got much better over the course of the weekend. It’s starting to be really really nice. Sinking, settling into the music.


Anyway, worked the rest of the week, looks like I might be leaving Seattle soon, depends on work, I will be sad to go.
Houston / Austin——
Anna had my car in Houston, and as we’re not dating anymore, and as I needed it, I flew in on wednesday night to pick it up. We had a really good talk, somewhat suprisingly good talk, actually, and I took my car.

…and drove to Austin friday morning. Where I worked, and caught up with Teal and Karen and Gray. Danced a ton with all my favorite Austin follows. So little time. I left the dance at 12:30 and drove the 10 hours to El Paso (thank God for audiobooks and Harry Potter and powernaps)
New Mexico——
So that brings us to today. It’s Saturday morning, and I find myself writing in my blog sitting in a New Mexico forest with my back against a rock. My siblings and I and my cousin and her husband are camping for the weekend.

It’s really good to see everyone.

Next week I get to hang out in El Paso, it’s been so long since I was back here, at the place where I supposedly have my permanent residence. I think it will be a really good and restful week.