Going to Seattle…Slowly

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 | Uncategorized


After getting back to El Paso, we headed out to Austin for a few days. Hung out with Karen and Titus

Then to Dallas for Red, White, and Blues. Good time. We stayed with one of the most gracious hosts I’ve ever had, Bruce. Also there were Kelly Porter, Mike Faltesek, and Steven Watkins…that is an interesting bunch…

Back to El Paso, where I started my mom scanning old pictures into flickr Heard some very interesting stories from a slightly drunk Nathan :)


Then to New Mexico on no sleep, to hang out w/ Luke. Good time, a little dancy dancy.

Then Denver, where my cousin Diana was a SUPERB host. We hung out with Chris and Sean a ton. I love those guys. Sean took us on a desert tour of the city. It was awesome.

We’re in Salt Lake City now, and hanging out at Karissa’s parents house. Catching up on work…