Welcome To My Bliki

Well, here it is, a weird combination of Fowler’s bliki, Dave Thomas’s rublog, and my
own eclectic tastes. Thanks Martin and Dave.

Features it has:

*Wiki formatting – like WhatAboutAcceptanceTesting

*Static site gen

*Offline via CVS - not really part of the bliki engine, but I have a cron job that wakes up, does a cvs update on the web server, then runs the site gen code – gives me the benefit of dave thomas’s cvs support

*Test First – Unlike most blog software out there it seems ;) hehe – just kidding, guys

*Bunch of bugs and unimplemented features since I insisted on rolling my own – let me know if you see one

Here’s the source as of 7/31/2003:


if you want a newer drop, just ask me

Hi you can actually edit this blog :)

Here are the InstallationInstructions.


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