What Should You Use For Java Persistence

People keep asking me what to use for persistence in java. Definitely not entity beans :)

|These days I’m more in the .Net world, but I still know quite a few !ThoughtWorkers in the Java world, I called on|people.JoeWalnes|
(a published author now!) and one of the !ThoughtWorkers that does a decent job of impressing the hell out of me, for a recommendation I could pass on.

joejoejoewalnes: if you want relational db persistence, hibernate is the way to go. if you want to pay, try kodo (a commercial jdo impl)… both are very good
joejoejoewalnes: if you want simpler persistence and dont care about a rdbms, try prevayler or jdbm
joejoejoewalnes: and if you want to learn about hibernate, buy my book

So there you have it people.

*Hibernate – http://www.hibernate.org/

*Kodo – http://www.solarmetric.com/Software/Kodo_JDO/

*Prevayler – http://www.prevayler.org/

*JDBM – http://jdbm.sourceforge.net/

and as for Joe’s shameless plug ;)

*Java Open Source Programming on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0471463620/102-2820143-0413763


One Response to “What Should You Use For Java Persistence”

  1. Mike Rettig Says:

    Hey Jeremy,

    I would add embedded java databases (axion, mckoi, hypersonic) to that list. If you combine an embedded database with a mature O/R tool, you get all the features of a database AND the speed, and zero admin costs of running in memory. Prevalyer still doesn’t have an answer for horizontal scalability and can be a tough sell to business owners. With an embedded database, you can always split it into a standalone server in the future. Also, Prevalyer doesn’t have a query language that can match sql.

    More details: http://jaxor.sourceforge.net/?q=hypersonic

    Mike Rettig