Chizzle-0.01 Released

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Charles and I are releasing Chizzle-0.01 today. This is a first peek, if anyone’s curious as to what we’re doing. It still has quite a ways to go; we have a table full of at least 30 index cards with stories on them. However, after a week’s worth of solid work, I think we acheived a pretty respectable amount for our first iteration.

We’re building it on top of wxWindows, which means we get cross platform native widgets. We’ve tested it on Debian Linux and Mac, and it looks quite sexy in both. Because we depend on wxWindows and wxRuby, the installs a bit a of pain, but hopefully we’ll be ironing that out soon.

Anyway, take a look. Charles and I will be using it, albeit a bit painfully, as of this release. Next release should be in a week.

Coding in ruby again, I have to say, it it very sweet.

This release includes:



*File Tree Pane


*Ruby Content Colourizing

*Goto File

*Multiple Panes

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One Response to “Chizzle-0.01 Released”

  1. Colin Fleming Says:

    I shall be downloading it and trying it out pronto!

    Unfortunately, I can’t see what it looks like, because the image links are broken…