Self Hosting Sucks

At least when I do it…

Every since my hard drive died on my server and my site went down, I’ve been looking for alternatives to self hosting. Fact is, I’ve learned everything I set out to learn from running my own server and it’s a pain in the ass. This blog for example is now hosted on TextDrive – and I’m totally happy with their service.

However, I still had to find some place to put all my pictures. If y’all remember my “Shimmer” project, I had them all accessible from the web through my own self hosted portal. I really liked that. I had been thinking about Flickr and ShutterFly, and even using Amazon’s S3 through my own custom frontend.

I think for now I’m going to go with Flickr. Why?


  • Great UI - as of today, some of the best AJAX stuff I’ve seen anywhere
  • $24 / year
  • unlimited storage
  • even if you default on your account they don’t delete anything


  • They won’t store video – I store video that my camera takes along with my pictures

So even though they don’t have video, I think I want to go with them for photos. I’m gonna have to keep looking for a solution for my videos.

Here’s a link

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3 Responses to “Self Hosting Sucks”

  1. Michal Frackowiak Says:

    For videos (I suppose you know well) one can go with – up to 100MB limit which should be sufficient for video storage from a camera…
    I hope youtube will stay alive after they run out of their VC money ;-)

    best regards

  2. erace Says:

    You should try that one:

  3. Glen Says:

    I’ve been thinking about youtube myself. It’s got to be easy, since even tech-noobs on myspace use it.