Cards 0.9 is away

Cards is a ruby gem that allows you to quickly capture a card wall into a spreadsheet then print it up using omnigraffle or export it to csv (or now tracker)

This release adds a couple really cool improvements in it :

1. Numbers ‘09 finally has applescript support, so Cards can finally reach into it and grab what it needs instead of requiring a csv export.

2. Pivotal Tracker now has a sweet RESTful api that we can use to throw stuff directly into it.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the next thing cards could do for you is update your spreadsheet to add the tracker ids for created stories? Then you could maintain the spreadsheet and tracker. Maybe even get 2 way syncing going or something…

To illustrate, Cards lets you take this spreadsheet from Numbers and turn it into the card walls in omnigraffle that created it.

[img:3330719206, small]





3 Responses to “Cards 0.9 is away”

  1. bryanl Says:

    What gem is this?

  2. jeremy Says:

    it’s “cards”, gem install cards

  3. Chuck vdL Says:

    I got interested in this when I saw a presentation you did at SeaSPIN a few months back. And my PM’s and such are making the move to story’s and cards and it would be a great time to try and introduce it to them. However

    1) totally unsure of where to start, or where to find any docs or instructions on this.
    2) while I know ruby a bit, since I use it for Watir and Cucumber work, the rest of the team is .net folks, so we’d need some real basic instructions as to how the PM’ types (who are trying to transition to Product Owners) would make this thing work, like what to install and where to start.

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