How do YOU handle conflict?

I did a 5-minute lightning talk tonight at QASIG about Conflict strategies. I had a lot of fun with it.

I figured in 5-minutes I had time to introduce the audience to a simple model of how people handle conflict comprised of 5 strategies, hopefully making each strategy sticky with a short story about when it made sense to use.

This model is the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument . The point of having such a model is to make the implicit explicit. To take the responses to conflict that we learned as infants and young children and to give us a vocabulary for looking at how we react to situations of conflict and an opportunity to choose a new path.
I first learned about this model while doing an intensive mediation training course at Seattle’s Dispute Resolution Center. It was an excellent course, and I’ve since used this model often when trying understand what’s going on both in myself and in others engaged in a dispute.

It’s quite handy.

Here’s a link to my slides – How do you handle conflict.pdf.

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  1. Dan Neumann Says:

    Hi, Jeremy. Thanks for the post. I tried to link to the PDF and got a 403 error. Can you see about fixing that issue?
    Dan Neumann, Agile Coach

  2. jeremy Says:

    Thanks Dan, I fixed the link. It should work now :).nn1

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