PhpUnit for TextMate

Who would have thought I’d be doing php?

Anyway, yesterday I found myself doing php and really wanting it to hurt less. I downloaded a textmate bundle for phpunit from github. It wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I forked it and hacked it, and made it work a bit more like the rspec bundle.

It now has:


  • run tests (in current file)
  • run single test


  • test

And much to my surprise, it was way easy to do. All in ruby, all with specs testing it.

This article was going to be telling all y’all to come over to my cool fork of phpunit, but I sent the original author a pull request yesterday, and I just looked, and he’s pulled all my changes. Rock!

So go forth and enjoy the goodness that an extensible editor like textmate, oss code like the phpunit bundle, and github can bring about.

PHPUnit.bundle for textmate

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