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So I Finally Joined the Cult

Thursday, April 1st, 2004

And it’s called Apple.

And yes, it’s cool. I have my shiny new 12” powerbook and I’m very proud. I have all the mac user friendliness (yeah, a company that actually THINKS about user experience, weird, huh?) and I have the power and robustness of unix underneath. I’ve never admin’d a unix/linux system after my weekend long bout w/ linux ~ 7 years ago. This is a great way to come back to it.

I just got gaim going – which involved installing X. Which, now seems way straightforward. But it took a good few days of hacking and reading websites to figure out what I actually wanted, and how to get it, etc, etc. Definitely the open source experience I have had w/ windows seems childlike compared w/ the stuff that’s around for unix. Open source is pretty freakin’ cool. Apple has a project called !DarwinPorts which is kinda like cygwin but for systems running osx. It does all the compiling and stuff for you, and better yet, it does all the downloading and downloading, compiling and installing of dependencies for you too.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy w/ my new toy. There’s still a few things that I’m not quite happy about, or that I haven’t figured out yet – but give me another month and I think I will never be able to use windows again.