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Shimmer – A Photo Album on Rails

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

This is my latest OSS project. I started it to basically factor out what used to live in my own site into it’s own house.

It works very nicely with typo with the help of a couple typo macro’s I wrote for it. And thanks to rails, it’s a cinch to work on and add new features. I’m liking rails 1.0 a whole lot.
Noteable features are:

  • It’s pretty
  • It’s fast and lazy loading when it needs to resize stuff.
  • To configure it, you point it at a directory with pictures in it, that’s it.
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Slideshow, though there’s still a lot missing from our slideshow

Coming up:

  • AJAXy captions
  • AJAXy ratings
  • Favorites page
  • Online editing (thanks to rmagick)

We’re still early days, but it’s defnitely useable, as you can see. Take a look at what we have planned or grab the source from rubyforge svn.

And definitely let me know if you wanna help out!