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Intelli J For Dot Net Is Out

Tuesday, February 17th, 2004

Jet Brains are calling it Resharper. I’ve been waiting, drooling, for a year over just the rumors that such a thing was in development.

Be warned, it’s the first cut of a first cut of a first cut. It throws lots of exceptions, and has a very small subset of intellij’s features. If you’re looking for a polished product, wait a bit, it will come, but it’s not here yet.

However, I damn near cried when I typed ‘AssertE’ control-tab, and it completed it ‘!AssertEquals();’ putting my cursor in the middle of the the parens. I love the Jet Brains guys. For my part, I’m going to use it, and submit bugs, and help them turn out another product that puts the rest of the industry to shame..

To download it or even just check it out – user/password is eapuser/eapuser