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Cruise Control.rb is moving to Lighthouse

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

So, following rSpec’s example, we’re moving from JIRA to Lighthouse. Check us out at

I have to say I wasn’t thrilled about Jira. It does everything, and it does it slowly, with a UI that is bloated at best. Lighthouse, on the other hand, keeps it REALLY simple. And does not a lot more than what we need. It also just opened itself up for OSS projects (which is cool).

How did we migrate all of our stories from JIRA to Lighthouse? I thought you’d never ask.

Lighthouse exposes a slick RESTful API for managing your data. I exported the JIRA issues into a csv file, wrote a short ruby script, waited about 5 minutes for it to run, and I was done.

Here’s the script:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'csv'
JiraIssue =, :key, :status, :assign_to, 
                       :summary, :description, :fix_version, 
                       :reporter, :priority, :original_estimate, 
def load_issues(csv_file)
  header = true
  issues = [], 'r') do |row|
    if header
      header = false
      issues <<*row)
issues = load_issues(File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/jiraissues.csv")
# this code is just to examine what our JIRA data looks like
def show(issues, field)
  puts "#{field} = #{{|i| i.send(field)}.uniq.inspect}"
show issues, :issue_type
show issues, :status
show issues, :assign_to
show issues, :fix_version
show issues, :reporter
show issues, :priority
show issues, :original_estimate
show issues, :votes
# these hashes translate between JIRA and Lighthouse
states = {
  "Open" => 'open',
  "Resolved" => 'resolved',
  "Closed" => 'invalid'
users = {
  "Unassigned" => nil,
  "Alexey Verkhovsky" => 10545, 
  "Rolf Russell" => 17992, 
  "Jeremy Stell-Smith" => 10638, 
  "Zhang Lin" => nil, 
  "Jeff Xiong" => nil
milestones = {
  "1" => 9885,
  "1.1" => 9886, 
  "1.2" => 9887, 
  "1.3" => 9888, 
  "1.4" => 9889, 
  "\302\240 " => nil, 
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/lib/lighthouse"
include Lighthouse
Lighthouse.account = "cruisecontrolrb"
# enter your own user, password here...
Lighthouse.authenticate "", "*******" 
issues.each do |i|
  # enter your own project id here...
  ticket = :project_id => 9150
  ticket.title = i.summary
  ticket.body = i.description
  ticket.state = states[i.status.to_s.strip]
  ticket.assigned_user_id = users[i.assign_to.to_s.strip]
  ticket.milestone_id = milestones[i.fix_version]

There was another step. I ran the first part of the script a couple times to tell me what the different issue_types, statuses, assigned users, fix versions, etc were that my JIRA data was using. I then found or created the appropriate data in Lighthouse and added some hashes to translate for me.

All in all, I’m pretty thrilled with how easy this was.