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Seattle So Far

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005 | Uncategorized | Comments Off

So I haven’t really blogged anything in a while, and people are starting to actually call, IM, and e-mail me asking what’s going on with my life. This is no good. So I will instead give the world an update. After a crazy week, I am exhausted, so I apologize if it is slightly incoherent…
So I’m living in Seattle, at least most of the time. In a house. I’ll be here till at least July or so, and it’s looking like it may even be a while longer, which would be nice. I have lots of friends here, interesting work, and tons of swing and tango. Seattle is a being good to me.

As far as work goes, I’m back at ThoughtWorks, and I’m here in Seattle along with Foemmel and Wadsbone working with the guys at Intentional on their intentional programming platform. I can’t really say anything about it now, but stay tuned, it’s exciting stuff.

Non-work wise, weekend before last was an amazing blues weekend up here. I threw a blues party on Friday that was a total success thanks to the help of some pretty wonderful people. We crammed around 70 people into my house, Miranda, Solomon, and Martin DJ’d (awesomely), and James threw a tango party 3 doors down :). Saturday was a Blues/Tango/Swing fusion thing down in Portland, followed by another blues party there. I am constantly impressed by the level of dancing in the Northwest…

This last weekend was even crazier. I flew to Houston for the Great Southwest Lindyfest 2005. Way fun, lots of good classes, Steven and Virginie, et al. Amazing dancers, and more than that, amazing friends. I spent the weekend with Karen, Anna, and Hannah…and it was really good to connect with them all again.

Back in Seattle yesterday, I spent the day with Karissa. She’s been here a week, and it’s been really, really good. This morning I dropped her off at the airport. Sad to see her go.

In other news, I finally spent some time trying to figure out how to solve a rubix cube. Inspired by a friend, Lars Petrus, I am almost there.

All of which brings me to now. I haven’t gone to sleep before 7am for the last 3 days running, and I need to catch up.