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My First Week of Herrang 2005

Sunday, July 24th, 2005 | Uncategorized | Comments Off

Every year in Sweden in the little town of Herrang, a swing dance camp is held like no other. It lasts 4 weeks, and people usually stay for between 1 and 4 of those weeks. There is dancing all night and teaching all day. Most people sign up for classes, and some stay for additional weeks for just dancing.

For me this is a very special place. I am writing this blog sitting on my bunck in a school room with 26 other beds. It is 5 till 10AM, and I’m not really sure why I’m up, as I went to sleep at 8AM, before the end (which is at 9AM, usually)

I’ve just finished the third week (my first), and I’ve changed my plane ticket to leave on Saturday instead of Tuesday. I think I’ll enjoy hanging out here, more than backpacking around Europe for five days.

Anwyay, it’s crazy, fun, and the hours are very agreeable to me. I’m sick along with everyone else, but I’m not taking any classes this week, so I’ll have plenty of time to sleep. Today is my day to be a computer geek and upload pictures. Tonight I dance again.

Here are some

4th of July Blues

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005 | Uncategorized | Comments Off

I came back home (to Seattle) for the weekend. Tina and Topher are moving away from Seattle, and they threw themselves a going away blues party at my house. I got there a bit late, but the party kept going till 6 or 7 in the morning. Was fun.

I also took a pointer from DC Dave, and got up (semi) early the next morning and cooked my guests breakfast – of course they helped. We had crepes and they were some of the best crepes I’ve ever had.
Then Portland.——
Blues party on Saturday at DC Dave’s. But the real party, the huge party was on Sunday at Scott’s. There were so many good leads and follows. Definitely one of the best blues parties I’ve been to. Good job to Scott and Kevin and all the DJ’s.

Around 7AM I had probably my 5 best dances of the weekend – and Lora caught the last two on tape! The first is with Celia – her dancing was amazing to begin with, but as she does more and more tango, she is becoming even more fun and graceful. Our connection was better than it’s ever been this weekend – dancing with her is like a dream. Looking at the tape, I have no clue how to do half the things we’re doing. Anyway it’s here

For some godforsaken reason, at 7 or 8AM when the party finished, some of us still had energy, so we went for a hike. It was actually really fun and incredibly beautiful. Props to Kermit and Kim for pushing the rest of us into it.