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Talking About Moments

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This is my favorite addition to recent blogging.

I’ve started adding a moments section when I’m talking about a weekend or whatever. Individual moments that captured and defined what the greater weekend, trip, etc was for me.

The moments I’m talking about might be frames during the weekend where I actually did stop, and just hold on, realizing that there at that exact moment in time, I was truly happy, and I didn’t need or want anything outside of that moment.

But they might also be the moments that I just look back on while I’m writing about the weekend that make me smile. That I’m glad I was a part of.

Lindy Bootie2004

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!LindyBooty ( is a late night blues party that San Francisco holds from time to time, this one was in protest of Valentines Day, a worthy cause. Even though I had people in my apartment in NYC, I got talked into going. So, I got in Friday morning at 11:30, and I left Saturday afternoon at 12:35 – spending a grand total of 25 hours in San Francisco. I’m insane.


The party was awesome, I got to DJ a short set, saw most of my favorite westcoast follows, and made a couple new friends :)


  • After my set, when Mihai said, “everybody give it up for DJ Jeremy from New York” And everyone clapped, and I had that weird feeling that you always get when people clap for you, but everybody clapped, and I was DJ Jeremy from New York, and it was good.
  • Saying goodbye to Miranda. It’s amazing what you can get away with in this world. Hearing the conversation abruptly stop around us. Feeling her surprise as she realized what she was doing. And then feeling her saying, ‘what the hell’ to herself.
  • Waiting for my flight at Ruby’s house, lying in the living room watching the bright sun from the early morning invade the house, splashing and breaking on half of Ruby’s face as she lay there. Talking to me. Letting me play with her hair. Posing for pictures.


Hangin Out With Michelle In Raleigh

Monday, February 9th, 2004 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Hanging out in Raleigh w/ my bud Michelle and went to a Paul and Sharon workshop. Way cool, did some of the southern things – ate at Bojangles, drank sweet tea, and ate grits. Also met a bunch of hot southern girls, showed them some blues dancing…



  • winning the trust of Benjamin, Michelle’s 6 year old nephew – and conspiring with him to tickle his aunt, Michelle
  • walking out of the Bear Rock Cafe w/ Michelle’s arm in mine, right in the middle of an entire weekend of talking, and hanging out, and really becoming good friends
  • hanging out with Holly and Michelle in a diner after everything was all done, not wanting it to be over
  • the moment after a blues dance with Lindsey at the afterhours where neither of us moved, or breathed, for a good half minute because neither of us were able to – no quips, no thanks, just desperately holding on to eachother lest the dance we just had end
  • flirting w/ Holly during the masterclass we were in, making her laugh at something stupid I said

Things I learned (or was reminded of) at the workshop :

  • give my follow plenty of space – I need to lead momentum and direction, not necessarily moves
  • slow it down – but push it when the song does
  • where to put my hand on a girl’s back and how to hold my arm