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Improv Class At Freehold

Friday, August 4th, 2006 | Uncategorized | Comments Off


I just took the most amazing class…

Since Andrew’s workshop, taking Jenna’s class on Improv in dance and reading Impro by Keith Johnstone under Anna’s suggestion, I was all excited about Theater Improv. I happened to see a program for the Freehold Theatre’s summer schedule which included a 60 hour “intensive” course over July.

Matt Smith taught the class and I have to say it’s amazing to have a really good teacher, I learned as much about teaching from him as I did about improv.

Anyway, it was an incredible amount of fun, and I’d suggest it to anyone that wanted to work on their acting, talking in front of people, or just interpersonal skills. The last night (2 nights ago) was a performance where I must say we were AWESOME.

I plan on taking everything I learned and throwing improv parties here in Seattle when I get back from my vacation (and have a house again) sometime in November.

Above is a picture of the class :

      (back row) me, Roarick, Mark, Patrick, Matt

      (front row) Michelle, James, Zoe__