Andrew’s Workshop 2006 v1

Thursday, June 1st, 2006 | Uncategorized

I did Andrew’s Workshop again, and it was awesome.

I was a little worried that this year wouldn’t be able to match last years, but instead I felt like this year’s was so much better. There was no drama, and we came together as a gelled and stable supportive team. Thing of beauty.

Below is everyone that participated this year : Matt, Jake, Larry, Danno, me(Jeremy), Brenda, Jenna, Jesse, Angelica, Marta, Andrew, & Anna.


The classes were amazing, so much material including things like Trapeze, Tango, Breathing, Inspiration, Theater improv, Flexibility, Fundamentals, Teaching Privates, and so on. Easily several of the best classes I’ve ever taken on dance.

My class was on dancing threesomes, a class I’ve wanted to teach for a very long time. It seems to have gone over really well, and built off of things I learned all week. I structured it as a competitive game to create moves while using (and learning) some of the fundamentals of threesomes.

Good times.

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el cid
June 1, 2006

it was great to get to see you guys

June 1, 2006

Oh yes! Good old times! I was exhausted, but it was lots of fun!

How are you doing? Spring is shining in Barcelona! Aren’t you planning to come?