My Life by Bill Clinton

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 | Uncategorized

On my travels, I really value the compact nature of audio books and this was one I brought w/ me. I especially liked it as an audio book, because it was read by Clinton, as always a charming and dynamic speaker. Listening to it was almost like sitting down and hearing him tell the story of his life.

“My Life” is definitely an atypical book for me to read. I don’t read that many biographies, but I felt like I had a lot of questions about his presidency, many just about what happened at all. Also I was curious what someone like Clinton would write in his own book.

I liked it. I don’t tend to be that political or entirely up on the news, and reading this book was a chance to see an 8 year stretch of my country’s history at least as one man saw it. It was a chance to hear him talk about the struggles he had trying to do what was right in his view (frequently in mine as well) and hearing him explain his side of all the scandal that plagued his presidency.

I also liked hearing someone as smart as Clinton talk at least a little bit about his mistakes and where he is now.

All in all a good read, and I recommend the audio version.